World of Darkness

A break in the silence...

After nearly a month of normality the group decided to put behind them the events of what happened that terrible night. Maybe they had imagined it all, maybe Tina did just move out. That was until the disappearances once again began.

This time it was Marian Cook who stopped showing up to practices. While Chet was aware of her, none of the group truly knew Marian. Chet recalled her as a prominent runner, a sprinter to be more exact, who had a promising talent. Outside of that, Marian was a known shut in, despite being invited to many of the larger gatherings she was much more of a small group kind of person. Most striking to the group is that this was unlike the other disappearances before who were all social sorority types, which Mari was not.

As if on cue, Chet receives a Facebook invite from one of his Frat brothers about an upcoming party that will have mostly athletes attending. After Accepting the invite one of his brothers tasks Chet with one thing to bring, woman. While chatting to his brother, Chet notices something strange, Mari had accepted the invite to the party. After letting Rora, Alexandria, and Charlotte know it became clear that group was going to the Frat party, to talk to Mari and fight out what was happening and where she had been.



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