World of Darkness

The Night of Horror


Chet arrives at his girlfriends dorm to find two of her roommates, but no Tina.

Rora and Alexandria haven’t seen her in a week, they assumed she was with Chet or Charlotte.

The three break into her room to find her Facebook open. There are messages from a man named Justin.

They all head out to The Den, Where Tina was suppose to meet Justin a week ago.

Justin is there with his friends and tells the group that he offered her a place to stay so she wouldn’t get taken advantage of.

The group decides t report her missing to the police. Once there a there police seem to not care.

A Detective Marshalls attempts to calm the group but something is very off about him.

The group leaves and heads to Bikini’s, Tina’s place of work and talk to a co-worker of Tina’s

The co-worker explains that Tina is no longer working there and put in her two weeks.

She agrees to go home with the group, but does not come out after her shift. Worse than that everyone leaving remembers another waitress serving them. The girl they talked to is gone.

As the group gets gas from a near by gas station they get a message to check their emails in the form of a anagram.

Back at the dorms they decipher the emails sent to them, it’s an invitation to meet at purgatory park from Justin.

The group buys burner phones and heads to the park. There Justin explains that a war is coming between the two Vampiric Princes and that they are caught in the middle.

Before he can completely explain the situation the group is ambushed and Justin is slain by something the three students did not see outside of it’s monstrous hand.

Running to the car, there are two men waiting for them. One is on top of Chet’s truck and the other is walking around.

The creep on the ground caresses Alexandria’s face when she snaps and quick draws her gun, injuring the man on the roof.

Chet rushes the man on the ground and hops into his truck.

From the ground the creep attempts to trip Alexandria but fails to do so as Rora smashes him with a bat.

Grabbing the rifle for the man on top of the car, Rora and Alex jump into the truck and Chet floors it. This not only spatters the creep on the ground under his tire, but also knocks the creep from his roof to the road who gets the same treatment.

In their rear mirror, the three see the bodies turn to ash as they speed toward the nearest car wash to clean the blood from their truck.

After staying the night at a friend of Chet’s house, the three head back to the girls dorms to find salt lines and runes on their door. After a few minutes, David arrives. He was on of the other Hunters with Justin and the only survivor.

He explains that they are a local Cell and part of a conspiracy in Witchatall Falls. He let’s them know that like it or not they are now a part of this.

Rora and Alex are eager to join, but it is not until after calling Tina’s parents that Chet is in. Tina’s parent’s minds have been erased meaning that Chet is one of the last people to even remember who Tina was….



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