World of Darkness


(Non-play update)

Over the last week the group, Chet, Alexandria, and Rora, have been spending most of their free time with David. Despite the events of The Night of Horror all has been quiet, for the group at least.

Most alarming is that Tina seems to have been erased from everyone’s memories outside of the core members and the fourth roommate, Charlotte King. Most seems to remember Tina as a vague, oh wasn’t she the blonde girl that dropped out ? David’s theory is that whatever has been targeting everyone to erase the memory of Tina from their minds has been doing similar things with the other girls. Charlotte however was spared due to her ties, to the groups warded dorm.

While things have been quiet from a supernatural standpoint, David has wasted no time in teaching the group a few hunter tricks in hopes of saving their lives. Most importantly David has taught the group the hunter tactics Disappear. This is were a single hunter distracts his target while his team takes off running and hides.

It has been 2 days since the group last heard from David, though he left explicit instructions not to follow him. “Carry on like everything is normal, if you go acting crazy than whatever is getting the girls will know something is up.” Despite this warning, everyone feels a bit uneasy….



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