Type: Restaurant

Waitress’s in Bikinis

Bikinis is a restaurant that follows in the footsteps of Hooters. They offer foods like fried pickels, wings, and burgers, and generally have some sport of any kinda playing in the background. The novelty of this particular restaurant however is that all the waitress wear nothing but bikinis.

Those causing trouble at the restaurant have the cops called on them. For “special” cases however they are dealt with at the Bikini’s basement

Bikini’s is where Tina Worked. It has also be where most of the young woman have been vanishing from. Chet, Rora, and Alex as well had an encounter here with their waitress vanishing on them, coupled with dirty looks from the back chef.

Justin revealed to the group before his death that they were responsible for the restaurants recent fire, though it was a failure as no one targets were killed and they seemed to immediately bounce back.


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