I’m a bit weird-ed out with how normal everything has gotten. Yes we were told to act normal but there hasn’t been any attacks and we haven’t heard of anything happening. No one remembers Tina really which it seems is what is going around with the other people. Although having David around has been really nice. He brings a bit of comfort, having someone who knows what is going on around. He has been teaching up how to be hunters. We have been working on this tactic “Disappear”. I’m not sure how it really helps hunt. But it will keep most of us alive. I just wish David would come back. He has been gone for 2 days now and this is the longest he has been away since that night. I am really starting to worry if we don’t hear from him soon we might have to break this whole “act as everything is normal” routine. If we loose him we are going to be in this way over our heads. I’ve been researching to try and find out what we could possibly be looking for if it isn’t just straight Vampires. There has to be something in all these books. I really wish I hadn’t taken so many hours this semester though. It is sooo hard to concentrate on work when I know people are going missing and it could be with whatever killed my parents. I’m so close and so far away from being able to prove anything. But should I worry about proving it when people are missing and being murdered. Will it really matter if I can prove it…. So people think I’m crazy in Salem. I’ve gotten away from that. What if I do get it out that they exist; they have been wiping minds of almost everyone in the town. Could they do that to the world? Would I endanger everyone? I guess this is why I haven’t really brought it up to Ms. Shephard. If I put people in danger then am I to blame if something happens to them? David helped keep all this at bay. All my uneasiness and doubt. We have to find him, before whatever happened to Tina happens to him…..

But to do that, do we break the one rule that has been given to us by all hunters??


Today started off as any Saturday. Did my homework in the dorm, meet up with Ms. Shephard at a random time in regards to my independent study. After the day Rora and I decided to watch some scary movies to get in the mood for All Hallows Eve and my 21st Birthday!! I’m so excited. Charlotte was off at a Sorority event. But that is where everything started to go weird. Chet showed up asking about Tina. I haven’t seen her in a week. I thought they were just having the best of times. But he hasn’t seen her since last Friday! We checked her room but she wasn’t in there. So we checked her computer and room for anything. Chet called her parents who also haven’t heard from her. She didn’t close Facebook from her computer and it appears she was meeting Justin? at The Den Monday night, which is the last night I can remember seeing her. Super odd she usually loves going on and on about her escapades with Chet. So naturally off we went to The Den to find this Justin with the oddest tattoo: < i > with ) facing up under it. I’ve never come across this tattoo before with all my research and visits to the tattoo parlors. So odd! Anyways we found Justin. A little old if you ask me but hey his friends were pretty good looking. haha. Anyways he last saw Tina Tuesday morning but swears “nothing happened”… Okay. But alas we then went to the Cops because she has been missing for more than 24 hours with no contact from anyone we can find. The guy behind the desk was a jerk!! So I asked for someone who would care a little bit more because come on there have been weird rumors about girls going missing. So out comes this Detective Marshalls guy. I got the weirdest feeling from him ever! His attempts to calm us down just did the opposite and gave me the chills!! I’m was getting kinda freaked out then. What if this is like something that happened to my parents. Maybe something more than meets the eye is going on. After everyone thinking I was completely out of it, maybe something is happening around us that we do not know about. I googled him and only glowing reviews about him. I saw a lot of deleted posts but I have no idea how to see what those are. All his reviews are around the same time of night also. This is really weird. If he already didn’t give me the creeps he sure would now. No one is that perfect. But I can’t do anything about that, so we go to Bikini’s. I don’t know why anyone would work here but anyways. One of Tina and Chet’s friends was there so she served us. She seemed pretty nice but said that Tina put in her two weeks. I think Tina would have let us know something if that was happening. I mean come on the semester as more time then that left and we might not be the closest but she does live with us. This being the first time Rora or I have heard about it something has got to be up. The waitress was acting really weird and was being stalked by the guy in the Kitchen. Who gave me the creeps and he wasn’t even looking at me. She said she would come hangout out with us after she got off though so we thought we might some kind of answers. We went outside when they closed to wait for her…but she never came out. When we questioned her co-workers they said she didn’t work today…. Something is definitely going on!!! So I “forgot my wallet inside” to see if anything was amiss. The janitor was nice enough to let me in and I “found my wallet” on the ground under the table. Nothing seemed that amiss inside though. Our receipt still shows her name. But maybe she is missing now… So we go back out and go to get gas because apparently Chet has this weird thing about gas?? Who knows. Anyways they both got a text with an anagram to check their email. I didn’t get the text but I checked mine out as well. We all had part of an email…. So we went back to our dorm to figure this out. Putting all of our emails together we figure out it is from Justin telling us to meet him at Purgatory Park and not to bring our phones .. in the middle of the night. Maybe there is something to him after all. But with people going missing I’m bringing my gun for sure. I got Silver bullets from Rora, just in case, and we stop by CVS to get those pay as you go phones, since we did leave ours in the dorm. I had my books, “burner” phone and gun in my satchel. So off we went to this park. So glad Rora had a flashlight on her although I’m not sure it is the best thing to be using but its that or nothing and I’m not that familiar with this park. We finally got to the round bench part and we see two guys sitting up there so I’m all about that stealthiness but some people I don’t think know what that means. so we are caught and then Justin comes out behind us… he obviously knows what being stealthy means. Anyhow he starts going on about Vampires and Vampire Princes. He is either completely crazy or it is all true!!! Everything I have been saying since my parents were murdered! Everything!!!!! He tells us to act normal. After all of this to act normal. Chet starts telling him all about the waiter and Tina. Justin says Tina is dead! I hope that isn’t true. Then this monstrous hand comes through Justin. Completely through him!!! The other two men are gone. So we started running towards Chet’s truck. We finally got there and no one appears to be behind us but there are two men on the truck. This is really happening!!!! Everything is real. I’m still in a bit of a shock. One guy jumps off the truck and the one on the truck has a gun Chet had earlier. The one who jumped off walks towards me and my first reaction is to shoot the guy pointing the rifle at Rora and Chet. I hit him in the shoulder right before Chet hits the guy in front of me and is in his truck starting it. The guy who fell is attempting to trip me and Rora is hitting him with a bat. I just know I need to get that rifle and I need to get in that truck so I start running, I grab the rifle when Chet hits his gas and tailspins his truck hitting the guy that was on the ground and throwing the one that was on his roof to the floor right next to me. He tries to grab me but I get out of the way just in time and jump in the passenger side of the truck. I see Rora jump in to before we are gone. Chet managed to hit both of them before completely getting out of there. OMG! We killed TWO people. They are gone. We are so going to jail. But if they are Vampires!?!? we can’t go anywhere. No one owns a house here. I can’t bring this to Ms. Shepard I would put her in danger or she would think I’m completely crazy! I can’t have anymore people thinking that. I looked behind us and the bodies are going up in ash! They are really disappearing!!! They were Vampires?! Car wash? Apparently we are going to a car wash. I keep only catching part of what they are saying. I told Chet that we cannot go back to the dorms so we go to a frat house… which I’m not sure is much better but where else were we going to go? At least there are more people there. After a rough sleep we go back to the dorms now that it was noon. I turn on all my devices again. I guess I will act as normal as possible.. But how normal is that really. People already think I’m completely weird because my schedule is to not keep a schedule. But if I can get proof that all of this does exist I will change the world with my thesis paper. All I need to do is get proof…. and not die trying…..


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