Young Fang

What are they

Young fangs are freshly turned Vampires (1, maybe 2 months old) who do not yet have access to bloodline abilities and really are indistinguishable from morals except for their strength. Most Young fang have yet to even gain their “true Fangs” and many still feed on animals they catch, a rare few are luck enough to be fed by their Sire, but even this is a rarity as most new Fangs are alone to fend for themselves..

Young blood are also unlike other Vampires in that rumors say they can still be cured. While there is no solid proof of this, many Hunters swear by it.


Young fangs look in every way like who they were before their turn. The closer they get to a true blood potency, the paler and more vampiric they become.


A true young fang is created when a person is converted via bite and feeding by a vampire and than left/ignored. The life of a vampire can be difficult to adjust to, and those with a abusive, negligent, or absent Sire generally do not make it long. These are the young Fangs that the name refers too, it does not always mean a “newly turned” vampire.

Generally young fangs make the best candidates for war as they are strong, eager to fight, and easily manipulated. An excess of new fangs means that someone is recklessness converting humans, unafraid of the consequences from the elders and unafriad of being exposed.


Young fangs are generally put down by Vampire Sheriff’s hit squads. This happens because they enter into the territory of an Vampire and begin wreaking havoc. Most Young fangs are unable to stand against them as a young fang is not immortal like most vampires. In address to sunlight, fight, and wood to their hearts, Young fangs can die from any severing of their spines causing them to instantly ash on the spot.

When confronted, young bloods almost never back down and choose to instead fight to the death. Young bloods make excellent brawlers as they are only enhanced by their new gifts of strength.

Young Fang

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